The conference organization will provide a tour on Vale dos Vinhedos for the first 40 participants enrolled in the XVIII IFC. Vale dos Vinhedos is a region that represents the historical, cultural and gastronomic legacy left by the Italian immigrants who arrived in the region of Serra Gaúcha, in 1875.

The region is named after the valleys covered by vineyards and fascinating landscapes of different hues in the four seasons. It enchants by the hospitality of its residents in harmony with the high technology and quality tourist infrastructure.

Visiting Vale dos Vinhedos is to take a trip through time. A time of evolution, achievements and hard work. The 130 years of Italian immigration can be revived in every detail of the valley, mainly through the ancient wooden kites that share space with cellars equipped with modern gleaming steel tanks. The nostalgic and traditional “Vinho do Nono”, still present in the family culture, gave space to nobler wines that ages until they reach the ideal maturity to compete in the demanding market of lovers of the gods’ drink. The grape was once kneaded with the feet, nowadays it is processed by last-generation machines without losing the quality.

Time has passed. Even though it is a young country in the elaboration of wines, Brazil has been gaining space in the world scenario due to the quality of its products. Strong investments were made in the areas of viticulture and winemaking. The mindset has always been directed towards the future, but the feet have remained firm in the present.

Vale dos Vinhedos was granted a Geographical Indication in 2001, it was a great recognition for the region in terms of the quality of its products. The achievement became a guarantee of origin with quality of the Vale dos Vinhedos, being the first region of Brazil to obtain a Geographical Indication. In 2012, Vale dos Vinhedos became the first region in Brazil to be granted maximum recognition of this quality, the Designation of Origin of wines. Each bottle approved and identified with the Control Seal confirms and distinguishes the exuberance of a wine that, prior to the mark, is recognized by the provenance of a demarcated region with a name that also becomes a new symbol: Vale dos Vinhedos.

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