The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, headquartered in Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is a century-old institution, recognized nationally and internationally. She teaches courses in all areas of knowledge and at all levels, from elementary school to postgraduate.

The qualification of its faculty, composed mostly of masters and doctors, the permanent updating of the infrastructure of laboratories and libraries, the increase in student assistance, as well as the prioritization of its national and international insertion are policies in constant development.

Around 40 thousand people are in search of one of the most qualified teaching in the country. This, together with research, with recognized levels of excellence, and the extension, which provides diversified activities to the community, makes UFRGS reach high levels of evaluation.

UFRGS, as a public institution at the service of society and committed to the future and with a critical conscience, respects differences, prioritizes experimentation and, above all, reaffirms its commitment to education and the production of knowledge, inspired by the ideals of freedom and solidarity.

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economic Sciences (FCE) has as main objective to offer undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of quality, as well as to develop research and extension activities in all areas of its activities.

FCE is a centennial institution and one of the oldest Units of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Its origin goes back to the old School of Commerce, created on November 26, 1909, as an integral organ of the Free School of Law, where it remained until 1945. The School of Commerce initially offered two courses: a General Course, of three years, and a Superior Course, of two years.

In 1916, it was declared an institution of public utility. In 1934, the School of Commerce became part of the University of Porto Alegre and, in 1945, it became a Faculty of Economics and Administration, at which time it also became a member of the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Economics and Administration started offering the following courses: Economics, Administrative Sciences, Accounting and Actuarial Sciences.

In 1950, with the federation of the University of Rio Grande do Sul, the Faculty of Economics and Administration was renamed Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas – FCE.

In 1953, the Institute of Economic Studies and Research (IEPE) was created as an auxiliary organ of the Faculty. In addition to developing the consumer price index for the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, the IEPE also promoted the first postgraduate courses of the Faculty: Masters in Rural Economy, Masters in Pure Economy and Masters in Rural Sociology in the decade 1960.

In 1996, with the creation of the School of Administration, the Course of Administrative Sciences was offered by the new School. In 2004, FCE created a new undergraduate course in International Relations and, in 2007, a new technological graduation course on Planning and Management for Rural Development, in the form of distance education.

On November 26, 2009, the Faculty of Economic Sciences celebrated its centenary. For the opportunity, was published the book called Centennial History of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, organized by Professor Gentil Corazza, which brings some highlights throughout this 100 year trajectory of FCE.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul is located at Av. João Pessoa nº 52, Centro Historico de Porto Alegre, RS. To contact the Faculty, use the phone 3308-3132 or e-mail