The IFC 2018 target audience involves Executives, Entrepreneurs, Financial Market Professionals, PhD and Masters Students, Specialization Students, Undergraduate Students, Researchers, Teachers, Area Apprentices.

Your registration allows you to participate in the opening and closing panels, coffee breaks, as well as all the conversations and presentations to be held during the conference. The enrollment for researchers / teachers also includes lunch and post-conference activities for the first 40 enrollees.

  Teachers, Researchers and the general public Postgraduate students and associates Apimec Sul Undergraduate student
Deadline for registration and prices
U$S R$ U$S R$ U$S R$
Until August 12 200 660,00 100 330,00 50   165,00
From August 12 to the day of the conference 250 830,00 125 420,00 65 220,00
  • * The registration of the approved works must be done until August 12.